1930’s Skirt – (HSM #2)

The 1930’s have never been my forte, fashion-wise. While I’ve admired that period of history for other reasons, I’d always been under the impression that the long, slim lines would look silly on me.

But when I saw this new pattern on sale at Joann’s for $1, I couldn’t pass it up. At the very least, I could give the fashions a real chance before making up my mind.

Since the prompt for this month was ‘blue,’ I pulled out a length of plaid fabric from my stash and started sewing up option B, without the belt. The pattern itself was really straightforward and easy to put together. There are seven gores; one of which I cut on the bias.

I ran in to two problems during the construction:

1. The fabric was too stretchy. It’s not really a stretchy fabric in and of itself, but when the pieces were put together, it was too big and just slipped right off my waist. I’d cut my regular size but had to take 8 inches out of the waist.

2. Pockets. Enough said.

I don’t know why I thought pockets would be a good thing to add to the skirt, but I did. And, boy, was it ever a bad idea.

As flat as I could get the pockets to lay.

In the picture above, the skirt is finished except for hemming. I tried it on only to find that the pockets gaped, pulled, wrinkled, and looked just plain awful. So I quickly cut them out and sewed the slits closed.

Today was tank-top weather!

The skirt lays infinitely better with the pockets taken out. I slipped my Oxford heels on this morning to take a few pictures of the finished product and was entirely pleased with how it turned out. I hadn’t expected the skirt to flatter me, but I find that my opinion of 30’s fashions has changed dramatically!

I like how the front gore looks cut on the bias, but I could have done a better job matching the stripes through the rest of the skirt. The seams around the back don’t look too bad, but, looking at it again, I think I should have matched the patterns.

Well, there’s always next time.

The Challenge: Blue (HSM #2)

Fabric: Blue/black plaid (with a very subtle pink stripe running through)

Pattern: McCa;;’s M6993

Notions: Navy thread and zipper. Black hook-and-bar.

How historically accurate is it? I can’t really say. I know that plaid was popular during the 30’s, as was cutting on the bias. But, I know the fabric content isn’t accurate and I don’t know about my techniques. I would guess somewhere around 60-70%?

Hours to complete: Probably about 5-6. I would have saved myself a lot of extra time if I hadn’t wasted time with those stupid pockets.

First worn: Today to take some pictures. I’m planning on actually wearing it on Monday, though.

Total cost: I bought the fabric so long ago, I don’t remember its cost. I tend to buy fabric that it around $3/yard and I used about 2 yards. So my guess would be about $6. I had the notions already and I’d bought them at such a low price that they wouldn’t even add another dollar onto the total.


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