Life Lately | Welcome to the Blog’s New Home!

Like the title says, welcome to the new space for Trumpets & Trimmings!

A little while ago I decided to do a little renovating which ended up leading to a move from blogger to wordpress. It took a while to learn the new format, but I’ve pretty much got the hang of it now. A bit of sprucing up and playing with the template and don’t you just love the outcome?

Now, as for more of a personal update…

I accidentally took the summer off from blogging. I accepted a job right at the start of June which ended up monopolizing most of my time and energy. I stayed there as long as I could and, very recently, took a different job which is a much better fit. So for those months I was able to get a little bit of sewing done but, between work and moving my blog around, there just wasn’t time to sit down and write about it all.

Which means I’ve got a lot of good stuff saved up!

Here’s a sneak peek:

20150818_144258 20150831_175310 20150818_133043  20150728_000738 20150728_000738222 20150817_172541 20150731_135223 20150731_222804

Fall fashion, first forays into corset-making, photoshoots, more HSM, and shoes!

Thanks for sticking around!


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