Lemon Apron

I love lemons.

So it was only natural that, when I saw this fabric at Joann’s a few years ago, I had to buy it. Since then I’ve debated long and hard about what it should become. Skirt? Dress? Nothing seemed quite right. It was dangerously close to being made into roman blinds for the bathroom at one point but I ended up hanging on to it because it just didn’t fit.

I got to the point where I was tired of having it just sit in my stash, unused. I really wanted to find something to make out of it that I would really love. Enter: Simplicity 1221.

Every time I cook I wear an apron. This did cause a slight problem when the only one I had owned was in the wash so I had the idea to dig out a reproduction 1940’s pattern from my drawer and make another one to join the rotation.


It didn’t take long to make; only a couple of hours. I think the longest part was picking which bias tape to use to edge it! I had a lot of fun with it and learned a lot about double-fold bias tape which I had actually never used before.

The first time I wore it was on Easter to help make dinner. I was nervous to wear it, scared I would get it really dirty, but I told myself that the apron was made to be used and to just enjoy it.


It was a lot of fun. Dinner was great and the company was awesome. I wear the apron a lot now and the lemons always make me smile. I’m happy to say it’s still in really good shape, too! Even if it wasn’t, though, I still have enough to make another one should that day ever come.