Lida Rose Corset in Action


My beautiful, beautiful corset.

What happened to you?

Looking normal…

I wore it to Disneyland, under my Cadaver Danielles outfit, for about 6 hours and it started to cave in about halfway through. I didn’t quite understand what was going on while I was wearing it, so I snapped some pictures when I got back to my hotel to try to figure out what happened (you can see my pretty petticoat!).


The back started bowing out right at my waistline, which you can kind of see in the picture. I laced it pretty loose that night, but the sides pulled it all wonky.

20161026_232753      20161026_232806

On the left it’s bowing out, on the right it’s doing what it’s supposed to.


And you can see it even better here. I still have my bum pad on underneath (which gives my some crazy hips!) but the sides are certainly not in the right spot!


And this is what it did to my waist. Not the most comfortable…


When I tried it on after making it, the sides were fine. And it was okay when I wore it around the house to break it in. Some of my theories:

  1. I tied it too loose that night.
  2. Too high up under my arms (it rubbed a bit), so maybe it bowed whenever I bent sideways.
  3. Too weakly boned. I used zip ties purposefully, to keep it light but that might not have made it supportive enough.

Any more ideas? Insight? Wisdom? I really want this corset to be wearable in the future.


4 thoughts on “Lida Rose Corset in Action

  1. I’m not an expert by any means but I suspect that the overall corset is too small, especially across the back 😦 I had a too-small corset that was lightly boned with German plastic and while it didn’t collapse in around my waist like that (ouch!!!), it left similar marks on my waist. The newest one has 3/8″ cable ties that have been absolutely fine, even on an 8-hour train excursion. A friend had a professionally-made corset buckle and collapse around her waist, either plastic or spiral-steel boned, but laced far too tightly (she complained about not being able to breathe well right up until we loosened it). I hope you’re able to find a workable solution, it’s a really lovely corset.


    1. That makes a lot of sense – the gap was really wide. I could lace it tighter to hope to keep it sturdy but I don’t want to end up like your friend! Yikes! I’ll revisit my measurements and try to work something out. Thanks!


  2. The issue with the weird sides and bowing is from the plastic boning. I’ve been wearing corsets for years and started with the ones that had the plastic bones as it’s easier to move in them and get in and out of them by yourself. That said, the bones are too pliable and bend in all the worst ways; they also tend to break down alot quicker. It’s a beautiful corset otherwise!


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