I’d Like to Introduce Myself


Welcome to my blog, Trumpets & Trimmings. My goal for 2015 was to start a blog, but I admit that I’ve been staring at this blank post for six days now. After writing, rewriting, and rewriting my first post again and again, I’ve decided to just take a deep breath and go for it.


I suppose I should say a bit about myself. My name is Keiley Belle. I go by either one, or both. I’m a recent college grad who has way too much time on her hands and not enough people to share stuff with.

Selfie at the fabric store.

I like reading, and history, and sewing, and cooking, and photography; which is what this blog is basically going to be about. It’s basically a personal blog that’ll serve to document my hobbies and creations. I’m a total amateur at, well, all of those things I listed, so I’m just going to try my best and see how things turn out. Wish me luck!

Did I miss anything? I hope not. Well, here it goes then. 
Time to hit publish.