Little Finds | A Forgotten Shopping Trip

Organizing my files the other day, I came across a folder that held some pictures that I apparently took for a post…and then promptly forgot about.

So let’s look at them today!


I bought these on January 20th…


Man, time goes fast.

Have I used this cookbook since then? No. But it does make me giggle every time I see it on my bookshelf (anyone else remember that dirty joke from about 2002?).


Have I sewn this pattern? Nope…

Pretty postcard but I haven’t done what I planned to do with it when I bought it. In fact, I stumbled across it the other day for the first time since then when I unpacked yet another box.


A fun little menu from a local Lodge that is apparently still around and, as of 2003, on the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places.


I should visit there someday.


I should also find that berry color nail polish again. It looks rather pretty in these pictures.


Apparently the original owner of the menu was an affluent business customer! Although the application is still in there, unused…

Much like these items.

I just need more hours in the day. Or to be finally done unpacking boxes (moving sucks).

Well, until next time.

Then I’ll hopefully have something more cheerful to write about.


Little Finds | An Afternoon Shopping Trip

Before I moved, I used to live pretty close to an antique shop that I visited often and soon became my favorite. I don’t live as close anymore, but when I am in the area I make a point of stopping by to do some shopping. I had the chance to spend an hour there last week and I found some great things!

First up is this cookbook, New Delineator Recipes. It had been in the shop for a few months; I’d seen it on the self once before but ended up putting it back. This time I couldn’t pass it up.

It’s from 1930 and isn’t in the best shape, but I prefer to view it as obviously well-loved. The first page was ripped halfway up but it was patiently taped back together and there are a few childish scribbles in and on the front and back.


One of my favorite things about it is the menus they suggest. The recipes are great in and of themselves, but I like to see what they were meant to be paired with.

Page 95 is marked with an old label from a jar of Crisco. After a quick Google search, it looks like the label comes from the 50’s or the 60’s, so this book was used and loved for a long time.
There are a few recipes printed on the back of the Crisco label, so it’s too hard to tell whether it was saved for its own recipes or whether was saved to mark a recipe on the page. 


The next thing that I picked up was this embroidery kit. There were a few in a bin to choose from, but this design was my favorite.
I want to try it out on one of my many cardigans and, if it works out well, I may go back and purchase a couple others.
Lastly, I found three packets of sew-on snaps and some buttons that I can add to my stash.
So, in all, that trip was pretty successful. I had a fun afternoon and I’m really happy with what I found. Hopefully I’ll be in the area sometime in the near future so I can stop by again.