Witch’s Castle Part II

My brother wasn’t the only one that got dressed up at the Witch’s castle last summer for a photoshoot. We packed my and my sister’s dresses and had fun trading outfits and tromping around the structure (and hiding from hikers who were giving us weird looks).

It’s a very fun place to explore and take pictures.

Field Photo Shoot – Renaissance Princess

One thing I wanted to do after making my renaissance dress was to do a photo shoot in it. I finally got the opportunity to do it one evening in July.

I asked my sister to be the camerawoman Рto which she agreed Рso we walked over to an empty field after dinner. She took up her position behind the lens while I trotted around in the grass getting odd looks from the neighbors. It took a bit of effort to get over my nerves, but she was really supportive and her pictures turned out truly amazing. After a while I totally forgot there were people watching and I felt like a princess running around in a great dress.

Fourth of July and Renaissance 847

I’ll put the rest of them under a cut because there are quite a few, but they’re fabulous (if I do say so myself) so be sure to take a look! Thanks so much, sis!

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