Apparently it was fate that I would learn to sew one day.


My destiny was foretold eons ago…


Memorialized in detailed, primitive artwork…


They offer a glimpse into the dreams of a young girl…


Showing the dresses that she hoped to create one day…


Such ensembles seemed beyond her reach…


But she kept dreaming until she could do.

(Seriously, apparently drawing like these were all I made when I was little! I don’t remember doing these ones exactly, but I have fond memories of designing fantastical dresses growing up. Apparently it was destiny that I would actually create some one day!)


Little Finds | A Forgotten Shopping Trip

Organizing my files the other day, I came across a folder that held some pictures that I apparently took for a post…and then promptly forgot about.

So let’s look at them today!


I bought these on January 20th…


Man, time goes fast.

Have I used this cookbook since then? No. But it does make me giggle every time I see it on my bookshelf (anyone else remember that dirty joke from about 2002?).


Have I sewn this pattern? Nope…

Pretty postcard but I haven’t done what I planned to do with it when I bought it. In fact, I stumbled across it the other day for the first time since then when I unpacked yet another box.


A fun little menu from a local Lodge that is apparently still around and, as of 2003, on the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places.


I should visit there someday.


I should also find that berry color nail polish again. It looks rather pretty in these pictures.


Apparently the original owner of the menu was an affluent business customer! Although the application is still in there, unused…

Much like these items.

I just need more hours in the day. Or to be finally done unpacking boxes (moving sucks).

Well, until next time.

Then I’ll hopefully have something more cheerful to write about.

Shoes + Springtime

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but as far as I am concerned spring has already arrived in the Pacific Northwest. The highs have almost reached 60 and we are looking forward to a week of sun. Today was overcast, but still nice enough to not need a jacket when I went out this afternoon.

In fact, it’s been so nice lately that I finally pulled out my box of spring- & summertime clothes and packed away my winter jackets, sweaters, and scarves. It was nice to get some space back in my closet.

And I was happy to see all of my sandals again. Shoes are one of my greatest loves and I’m always excited to rotate through them as the seasons change.

With as warm as it is, I was happy to see little buds and flowers poking their heads out when I took the puppy out on a walk today. I brought my camera along and was able to get her to hold still long enough that I could snap some shots.

All in all, it made for a lovely day.
And how could I not include a picture of the puppy ‘helping’ with the photoshoot? She loves that darn window-seat and having shoes in it was even more exciting than usual!